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Ideal AV Home Cinema is famous for our legendary, personalised home cinema service.

The first thing you need to know about Ideal AV Home Cinema is that we’re not just another home cinema online shop. There are so many other online shops out there that it can be so difficult to cut through the clutter of special offers, manager discounts and seasonal sales. Ideal AV Home Cinema are different and we mean that. We like to see ourselves as home cinema retail and custom installation specialists.

We specialise in home cinema. Unlike other retailers we really understand the technologies behind home cinema today and not only rattle off a list of specs on demand. Home cinema is our life and our life’s work.

For free good honest advice, please call us on 07830 034521 or email us at

Our customers love us…. We’d love to work with you and create a truly amazing home cinema.

You might have noticed that unlike most other home cinema or AV websites, there are very few items that can be purchased online. Our core belief is to work with the customer to achieve their best possible results. By getting to know the customer we can understand their needs and hopefully translate that into amazing home cinema experiences.

Fire and forget, aka box shifting, is an easy way to sell AV kit. Our aim is to build lasting relationships and trust with customers and the model works. We have grown 500% in the last 5 years, through recessionary periods, by putting the customer first. We are not afraid to recommend lower spec, cheaper products if we feel a customer does not need the extra functionality.

Again, you may have noticed that our product catalog is limited. As with box shifting, it would be too easy to carry hundreds of products from a multitude of manufacturers. Unlike other AV or home cinema companies, we have decided to concentrate on what products we know are the best and the products that work extremely well with each other. We have spent years working with manufacturers and customers learning what works and what doesn’t so you’re in safe hands.

We won’t sell a £100 all in one Blu-ray and speaker package that you’d find in the large mass market electrical retailers because lets be honest, it’ll be a bit rubbish. We only carry the products that we know will make our customers feel special. The home cinema experience from the exceptional equipment we supply can truly be one in a million and we guarantee that your family and friends will be stunned.

Ideal AV Home Cinema
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