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Dali Alteco C-1


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Dali’s brand new Alteco C-1 is the perfect loudspeaker for all your 3d sound effects duties, well made and extremely versatile and very favourably priced. Available in Black Ash & Walnut vinyl finishes @ £259 PER PAIR

The Dali Alteco C-1 are now available to order in White with white Grill as standard


The Dali Alteco C-1 are now available to order in White 

 Dali Alteco C-1


The Dali Alteco C-1 is truly a multipurpose speaker in both design and function. DALI wanted to ensure that the Dali Alteco C-1 is usable as both a height speaker as well as a traditional stereo speaker. By designing the crossover for stereo use and by keeping a strict focus on DALI sound design principles, they have created a speaker that full fills both criteria. It is the perfect fit for adding height information to a surround setup or taking the role as an out-of-the-way stereo speaker.

The Dali Alteco C-1 delivers believable height information from Atmos, DTS-X and Auro-3D movies in surround setup – not only when “firing up” using the ceiling as a reflector, but also “firing down” from a position up under the ceiling.

The Dali Alteco C-1 is able to achieve this even without special equalising in order to enhance the effects from HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function) technology. A technology found in Atmos certified speakers. Instead the Dali Alteco C-1 relies only on the height processing done in the amplifier, when selected. Had they included non-linear HRTF equalising in the Dali Alteco C1, it would have been impossible to use it as a versatile neutral speaker, limiting the use to only an up-firing type speaker.

Designed the way it is the Dali Alteco C-1 offers the best from several worlds giving you ultimate flexibility and multiple applications.


The angled front and the dual sound modes enable the Dali Alteco C-1 to be used in a multitude of speaker positions.

Add height information in any surround setup by either placing the Dali Alteco C-1 on top of the front or the rear speakers. It can also take the place of traditional front speakers placed high on the wall or horizontal on the side wall. It even offers the perfect angle for close listening in a desktop setting.

Using the switch placed on the front of the speaker to select the down-firing sound mode, the Dali Alteco C-1 can be used as a rear or surround speaker placed on the wall close to the listening position. This is possible because the down-firing sound mode lowers the direction of the sound downwards by 25 degrees.

The Dali Alteco C-1 is a true master of diversity. Giving you the flexibility to effortlessly add height information to you current or new surround system, getting the perfect angle on your rear or surround speakers, or getting music in rooms where the speakers need to be out of the way.



 dali-alteco-1 Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 17.21.23


Frequency Range (+/-3 dB) [Hz] 74 – 26,000 Hz
Sensitivity (2,83 V/1 m) [dB] 83.0 dB
Nominal Impedance [ohms] 6 ohms
Maximum SPL [dB] 103 dB
Recommended Amplifier Power [W] 40 – 100 Watt
Crossover Frequency [Hz] 2,100 Hz
Crossover Principle 2-way
High frequency driver, Quantity 1 x 21 mm
High frequency driver, Diaphragm type Soft Textile Dome
Low frequency driver, Quantity 1 x 4.5″
Low frequency driver, Diaphragm type Wood Fibre Cone
Enclosure type Closed Box
Connection Input Single Wire (Spring loaded push button)
Recommended Placement On-Wall
On speaker
Recommended Distance From Wall [cm] 1 – 50 cm
Dimensions (HxWxD) [mm] 190 x 160 x 255
Weight [kg] 2.8 kg
Accessories Included Rubber Feet



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