Dali Rubicon 2

Dali Rubicon 2

£1,699.00 £1,199.00

I’m open to offers around asking for these as they are immaculate, if the stands aren’t needed then knock off £99 but you won’t find better stands for this sort of money i’d have thought and they are complete with spikes as well.

Product Description

Dali Rubicon 2

I have a pair of Dali Rubicon 2 in “absolutely pristine condition” (and i mean that) in piano gloss black, complete with all the original boxes and packaging, you’d honestly think these were brand new.

If you wanted they have a pair of Custom Design FS104 stands to compliment them, unfortunately no boxes for these stands so pickup only i’m afraid for the stands.

You will not find a used pair of speakers in better condition, these are minty mint.










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