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JL Audio Fathom F212 V2


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JL Audio’s Fathom F212 V2 is the best dual 12″ driver subwoofer in the World in our opinion, it really is unrivalled in its class and classes above it. Nothing competes at this price point of £7499




The challenges associated with designing high-output, compact subwoofer systems can be daunting. In most cases, designers sacrifice low-frequency extension or output capability in order to keep a design acceptably small.

The Fathom® subwoofers sacrifice nothing, thanks to the dynamic advantages of their proprietary JL Audio drivers. These exceptional woofers allow for a true subwoofer passband and very high output, while keeping distortion well below audible thresholds. To extract full benefit from the excursion envelope of its woofer design, each Fathom® employs an uncommonly powerful switching amplifier with a large toroidal transformer and a patented circuit, designed to enhance control and fidelity.

The compact design and conventional form factor of the Fathoms apply beautifully to most home theater applications, including built-in designs. Front-mounted controls make them comfortable to set up and adjust, while JL Audio’s powerful DSP engine and exclusive Digital Automatic Room Optimization makes sure that response is smooth, even in challenging rooms.

The f212v2’s dual driver configuration and ultra-powerful amplifier deliver the highest performance of the Fathom® lineup. This subwoofer is the top choice for those seeking best-of-the-best performance in a conventional form factor.

See Adam Rayners wonderful review HERE

Fathom® f212v2 Features:

Fathom® f212v2 Specifications:

Unbalanced Inputs: Stereo or Mono (two RCA jacks)

Enclosure Type: Sealed

Balanced Inputs: Stereo or Mono (two female XLR jacks)

Drivers: Twin 12-inch (nominal diameter)

Output To Slave: Balanced (one male XLR jack)

Frequency Response: (anechoic)20 – 97 Hz (1.5dB)-3 dB at 19 Hz / 110 Hz-10 dB at 15 Hz / 157 Hz

Input Modes: Master or Slave

Level Modes: Reference (fixed gain) or Variable from full mute to +15 dB over reference gain

Effective Piston Area: 168 sq. in. (0.1084 sq. m)

Power Modes: Off, On or Automatic Signal-Sensing

Effective Displacement: 574 cu. in. (9.4 liters)

Light Modes: Off, On or Dim

Amplifier Power: 3.6 kW RMS short-term

Low Pass Filter Mode: Off, 12 dB per octave or 24 dB per octave

Dimensions* (H x W x D): 31.96 in. x 14.92 in. x 20.39 in.812 mm x 379 mm x 518 mm

Low Pass Filter Crossover Frequency: Variable from 30 Hz – 130 Hz

Net Weight:204 lbs. (93 kg)

Polarity: 0 or 180 degrees

Cabinet Finish: High-Gloss Black

Phase: Variable from 0 – 280 degrees, referenced to 80 Hz

Built in USAwith imported and domestic components

E.L.F. Trim: Variable from –12 dB to +3 dB at 25 Hz

Digital Automatic Room Optimization (D-ARO): 18-Band, with included, laboratory-grade calibration microphone, defeatable


  1. Paul

    I have had the F212 V2 for a few weeks and i must say this is one hell of a sub,
    and even more so after Ideal-AV set the sub up, ie: placement/levels/phase alignment.
    “i must say that customer service is second to none”
    I have had many subs in the past from single to duel and even x4, from MA/MK/KK/Arendals and none of them came close to how the f212 v2 handles the room, super fast/deep/clean bass, “it punches harder than Tyson ever did” a must have sub (*****)+

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