Lyngdorf TDAI-2170 Stereo Amplifier with Room Perfect

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The Lyngdorf TDAI2170 with the inclusion of Room Perfect room EQ is quite simply one of the best 2 channel fully digital amplifiers we have ever heard

Build quality is superb and we feel this product should 100% be on your list to demo if you are serious about music reproduction

Additional boards can be specified at time of order at £350 per board

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Product Description

The TDAI-2170 fully digital integrated stereo amplifier combines the celebrated performance of the Lyngdorf Audio brand with superior technology that’s second to none.

Equipped with proprietary RoomPerfect™ room correction technology, the TDAI-2170 is a user-friendly component offering two channels and 170 watts of power, as well as optional upgradeable modules to provide a modern addition to any listening environment.

Pure sound, advanced room correction, and the signature Lyngdorf Audio black styling? Well, hello there

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 Main Product Features

True Digital Amplification  / Equibit™ Technology
High End construction (No Feedback Control)
No degradation of the signal quality as the full dynamic range is maintained also at normal playback levels


RoomPerfect is standard
Optimal performance in all rooms, as the calibration eliminates the negative effects of the room design.

Tone Control / Voicing filters
A library of filters is stored in the amplifier
Display shows filter characteristics

Digital Crossover
Integrates subwoofer(s) with front speakers
SPEAKER SETUP GUIDE allows for easy and safe installation
Select type of set-up and insert distances
Advanced settings accessible!

Two Speaker setups possible
For in-shop A/B speaker demonstration
Could be used for storing both 2.0 and 2.1 setup
Dedicated RoomPerfect calibrations for both setups !
ICC (Inter-sample Clipping Correction)
Fighting the Loudness War
Avoids clipping during processing of recordings with >0 dBFS

If a recording is above 0 dBFS the dynamic range of the processing is reduced by up to 60 dB !
CD-2 /Analog Output features ICC  (Digital output must be 44.1kHz)
TDAI-2170 / ALL inputs feature ICC

HDMI Module (Optional)
Connects intelligently with digital media and your television creating a smart Media Control Center!

Lyngdorf HDMI

(Note: No decoding of ex. DOLBY or DTS signal !)

USB Module (Optional)

Easy connection of computers and media servers
High Quality processing of signals in native formats up to: 32bit / 384 kHz + DSD64, DSD128 & DXD

Lyngdorf USB

(internal processing: 24bit / 96 kHz)
High End ADC Module (Optional)
Based upon AK5394 with gold plated relays for level adjustment                                                      (Note: Two Analog available as standard !)Lyngdorf Rear Panel

Option for adding highest quality A/D conversion
3 RCA Analog inputs
1 XLR Analog input

Read the latest review here from Absolute Sound who say  TDAI-2170 “The Way of the Future”

The Absolute Sound Calls TDAI-2170 “The Way of the Future”

The TDAI-2170 fully digital integrated stereo amplifier from Lyngdorf Audio is covered in the May/June 2015 issue of the widely-read magazine The Absolute Sound with a comprehensive, four-page review. Robert E. Greene states that the glories of the TDAI-2170 are two-fold, crediting its digital amplification and RoomPerfect™ room correction system.

Regarding digital amplification, he notes, “Still, if you think for some unknown reason that analog is white magic and digital is the work of the Devil, then you will have to summon up some impartiality to discover that you are kidding yourself.”

 About RoomPerfect™, Greene states, “Bass smoothness is improved, channel matching is much better in the frequencies affected most by the room, and stereo imaging as well as the presentation of the original recorded acoustics are significantly better. This is all what should happen with a room-correction system, and happen it does. It is hard to imagine that people won’t like this and like it a lot.

He finishes the review with, “I think the Lyngdorf TDAI-2170 represents the way of the future. And it not only is here now; it is even affordable. The TDAI-2170 is a sonic and practical triumph.

The TAS review is the latest in a long list of accolades the TDAI-2170 has received since its launch, including receiving The Absolute Sound’s Golden Ear Award in 2014
When Swedish magazine Hifi & Musik tested the Lyngdorf Audio TDAI-2170, the editors were impressed by both the performance of the amplifier and its integrated RoomPerfect™ room correction technology.
“The amplifier packs such an elegant, clear, but imperious punch that you nearly fall over backwards…It makes other amplifiers seem dull and tired. This is an impressively open, powerful, and flexible amplifier for the price,”

The testers were initially reluctant to pay much attention to RoomPerfect™, saying:
“In our experience, room correction requires a lot of fiddling and does not always produce the expected results. We dutifully gave it a try, and there was no turning back. We promise: once you have heard the TDAI-2170 operating within the cleansing properties of RoomPerfect™, you’ll never want to be without it.”


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    OK, more detail…

    Previously the system was using a TacT 2.2X into a TacT M2150 amp, so I was already used to digital room correction and digital amps, but I was not prepared for the leap in quality that this new device brings…

    The biggest difference was in the definition and placement of instruments within the soundstage – with the TacT it took hours to do readings and months of tweaking to get target curves that I was happy with. With the 2170 I could immediately hear that not only was it RIGHT it was so much MORE right straight away.

    A demo disc I use to test speaker placement is Roger Waters’ Amused to Death, which is encoded with Q-Sound (you may know the album?). Q-Sound is an psychoacoustic method of placing sounds way outside of the speakers to give a sense of surround sound. On the opening track there is a dog barking on the right and somebody speaking on the left hand side… if the speakers are correctly set up this works very well and if they aren’t, the whole thing collapses. With the TacT it could sound great, but took a lot of effort. With the 2170 the soundstage is MASSIVE – the dark is barking waaaaay off to the right and the man waaaaaay off to the left – I’ve never heard it that good before. A testament I guess to who well the process balances the timbre and timing of both speakers.

    The other thing that is apparent is just how massive bass sounds, and yet is perfectly balanced with no booming – just lots of scale and slam and on bass guitar/double bass a beautiful music bass tone – no mono-bass thudding. And this solid bass foundation allows the rest of the system to really sing. 15 years I’ve had this current setup and it simply has never sounded so amazing.

    Can you tell I’m pleased? :)

    Which leads to the next thing… I need another one! I now want to replace the TacT 2.2X in my second hi-fi system. With this one I also need the optional high quality ADC so that I can attempt to bring vinyl through the system (I was never satisfied with this on the TacT 2.2X and am intrigued to see if the 2170 can do better)…

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