M&K Sound IW-85 In-Wall Speaker

M&K Sound IW-85 In-Wall Speaker

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The M&K Sound IW-85 – Not Like Most In-Wall Speakers

Take a closer look at most in-wall speakers and you’ll find generic drivers and a basic crossover, all bearing little resemblance to the components of a high quality speaker. That’s not the case with the M&K Sound IW-85 In-Wall speaker.

Look at M&K Sound’s 
in-wall speakers, including the M&K Sound IW-85, and you’ll find the exact same custom-built drivers and crossovers found in M&K Sound’s acclaimed high-performance cabinet speakers.

The M&K Sound IW-85 is a high performance in-wall loudspeaker with two-way array utilising a 1” coated silk soft-dome tweeter and a 5¼” polypropylene cone woofer. Drivers are mounted onto a thick steel baffle for rigidity and low-coloration of sound, while also part of a unique “frameless” design which secures flush into the wall. Speakers are then covered by a flat paintable wire mesh grille that attaches using extremely powerful magnets.

All M&K Sound in-wall speakers employ a specially developed version of their proprietary Phase-Focused crossover to ensure superb sonic imaging throughout the room, regardless of the speaker’s location, and sound virtually identical to M&K Sound’s other high performance loudspeakers.


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