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The M&K Sound MP300 – a High Performance Wall Mount

Recognising a growing demand for a high level of audio performance from an unobtrusive, decorator friendly enclosure, M&K Sound offers a shallower, wall-mount version of the S300, the M&K Sound MP300.

By significantly reducing the cabinet depth and revising the overall dimensions, M&K Sound has created a discrete on-wall monitor that retains the audio quality of a full-size compact loudspeaker. By optimising crossover and utilising the effect of wall mounting the M&K Sound MP300 is a true member of the S300 family.

The modest dimensions and extended placement options of the MPS300 will appeal to the style conscious music/movie lover.

Styling with a purpose

The iconic front baffle layout of the famed S-150 monitor with its triple-tweeter array alongside dual woofers is also an integral aspect of the design and performance of the S300.

The M&K Sound MP300 introduces specially designed separate tweeter and woofer mounting brackets for exceptional mechanical isolation from the cabinet and a tight connection between the die-cast, custom made brackets and the front baffle.

All drivers are rear mounted to the brackets and the brackets are rear-mounted to the baffle for an elegant front with no unsightly screws and no reflective edges near the drivers. This effectively eliminates a major source of colorations in more conventional, less conscientiously designed loudspeakers.

Aerodynamic flow

Aerodynamic air flow design is the watchword for the new generation of drive units designed and built exclusively for the M&K Sound MP300 to ensure pure, high definition sound with extraordinary speed and transient control.

High Quality

In order to deliver the highest quality of accurate sound reproduction and at the same time play significantly louder, the M&K Sound MP300 is designed with cutting-edge driver units developed and custom-built in cooperation with the Danish acoustic pioneers from Scan-Speak.

The M&K Sound MP300 with Scan-Speak drivers

Scan-Speak has a forty-year history of groundbreaking innovation and multiple patents for breakthroughs in every aspect of driver design. The M&K Sound MP300 utilise Scan-Speak drivers to achieve extreme power linearity and ultimate sound quality for control, performance, reliability and continuity.

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