M&K Sound S-150T Tripole Speaker

M&K Sound S-150T Tripole Speaker

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Product Description

The M&K Sound S-150T THX Ultra2 Tripole is a unique monopole/dipole hybrid configuration.

It employs a 3.25” polypropylene cone with ferrofluid cooled voice coil on either side of the cabinet to generate dipolar output, while a pair of drivers on the front panel create a third axis of sound radiation.

Increase the localisation with the M&K Sound S-150T

By combining the diffuse nature of a dipole loudspeaker with a monopole direct radiating source to increase localisation and image specificity, M&K Sound S-150T exploits the virtues of both loudspeaker types and eliminates the need to take sides in a debate that the M&K Sound Tripole has rendered moot.

Phase-Focused Crossover

Featuring M&K Sound’s proprietary Phase-Focused™ Crossover, the M&K Sound S-150T provides extraordinarily even dispersion of sound throughout a broad listening area with superior imaging and sound quality. Based on M&K’s Professional Monitors and designed for theatre systems in small to large size rooms, the M&K Sound S-150T is timbre-matched to the S-150 MKII and MP-150 for a rock-steady consistent surround sound field with seamless transitions as voices and sound effects move across or through the three-dimensional soundstage.

Available in black satin finish with black cloth grille


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