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Seymour Centre Stage XD Acoustically Transparent Screens

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Ease of Installation

Having put together countless screens, Seymour have designed their fixed frame screens from scratch to be the easiest possible installation.  Nothing is easier and more robust than their 360-degree O-ring / grommet system.  No special tools are needed.  You can pay thousands for a fixed frame screen from SI and they don’t preinstall the frame posts for you, but Seymour do on all their screens which start at £699.  The O-ring system is as simple as hooking a bunch of rubber bands over posts.  The result is a dynamic tension system, providing a lifetime of 360-degree tension at all temperatures and humidity, and enabling easy upgradeability or replacement.  Here is a demonstration video clip:  video

If you have children, pets, video games with tossable objects, or a dumb friend with a pokey finger, you can easily and permanently damage many other fixed frame screens but not Seymour AV screens.  With features such as reinforced weave and the dynamic tension system that corrects for dramatic dimensional changes, you get durability for the long haul.  Here is a demonstration video clip, with something you should never try with other screens:  video


Premier frame

Seymour`s Premier fixed frame screen is designed to the best product that smart money could buy.  It ships in a very long box, usually via freight truck, because they kept the top and bottom frame pieces continuous.  Its designed to handle long spans without splicing or support and the ability to be curved, equipped with masking panel magnets, or any of the above.

Measuring a beefy 3.3″ x 1.6″, Seymour designed the Premier frame to have as robust a frame as screens costing several thousands, and still fitting under their favorite electric aftermarket masking system from Carada.  They also upgraded the wall thickness to easily resist sag to 210″.  The .093″ wall thickness is 50% thicker than many major screen companies frames priced thousands higher.  With the large profile, heavy walls and 360-degree O-ring tension, the frame is acoustically deader than Elvis.


 ” I firmly believe Seymour Centre Stage XD to be the the very best all round acoustically transparent material available, we have tried this with every formulation of video available to us, 1080p bluray , upscaled to 4k bluray,  native 4k material as well as 3D and its perfect with everything we throw at it”



The Premier fixed frame screen is the only screen anywhere that uses the world’s highest quality, blackest material available, true Fidelio ultra-premium velvet.  You can pay three times the price and not come anywhere near the light-absorption quality of Fidelio velvet,  made right here in the US and used to line the cavities of research telescopes.  At 0.3% reflectivity, it is even better than the 0.4% reflectivity fabric velvet with finished edges we have made for the retractable screens, and up to 25 times more absorbing than border materials from major screen companies at similar prices.  Our 3.3″ wide Fidelio borders with an elliptical contour give you the ultimate overscan absorption, a boost in perceived contrast, and a floating three-dimensional look to the image.

Curved frame

Seymour`s curved frame option features a 40′ radius, which is perfect for fixing the pincushion, or bow-tie shaped distortion from anamorphic lenses that stretch a 16:9 ratio projector to 2.37.  Using an anamorphic lens will improve your resolution by 33%, your light output by up to 20%, and immersion by three mojos.  The curvature is shallow enough, however, for those that use the simpler zoom method and want the dramatically increased sense of immersion that only a curved screen can offer.  For that IMAX® feel, opt for a custom curved 16:9 screen.

While less acoustically transparent screen materials from other companies tout their curved frames ability to allow you to angle your L/R speakers inward, our Center Stage material is far more acoustically transparent and you can angle your speakers however you want behind the screen with immeasurable difference.  With Seymour`s new high gain Matinee Silver or Black, curving the frame will increase brightness, improve uniformity and allow you to mount your projector closer. Fixed masking panels will easily convert the curved screens to 16:9 ratio with magnetized ease.  Curved 16:9 and 2.07 constant area screens are also available upon request.

To the right is a 150 in. wide, curved frame Center Stage XD 2.37 screen, optional Millibel CH panels with 3.5 in. wide interior velvet.


Seymour welcome unique challenges, here are some common options:

  • Black Backing layer.  The cost for this option varies from £240 to £550 depending on size.  Most don’t need this, as it’s usually easy to darken the surfaces behind the screen.  It can be installed later if you need, using half the o-rings from your screen.
  • Masking panels.  The perfect all-magnet solution for a multi-aspect ratio screen.
  • Four way masking, constant image area (CA) screen.  If you like the idea of a constant area, four-way masking screen but the £20k+ prices for motorized versions leaves you less enthusiastic, Seymour have a killer value for you.  Special order a 2.07 ratio screen with a set of CW and CH panels.
  • Curved frame.  Curving the screen, typically for use with an anamorphic lens for 2.37 output, improves resolution, brightness and immersion.  Seymour AV can curve any CH, CW or CA screen and the masking panels too.
  • Drilled and threaded holes. These can drilled and threaded holes on the sides or top of the frame if you need.
  • Black eye bolts.  For those who need to hang the screen from the ceiling, request that they drill and tap on the top of the frame, and include eye bolts.
  • Stainless steel cable.  For a classier look than chain, Seymour can precision cut and Nicopress® specific lengths of 0.032″ diameter SS cable for you to hang your screen from.
  • Frameless zero-edge.  For a borderless literally zero-edge look, order an optional frameless screen.  Seymour put the black frame behind the image and cut the screen to wrap around the front of the frame.  There is a picture of this type of screen in the fixed frame installations page.  You can even order magnetic panels for a frameless screen.
  • Custom sizes  Need to fit in between something?  Seymour can make your screen to any critical dimension to a 0.1″ resolution.  They don’t charge extra for this, but simply round up to the next standard size.

Installation instructions


Here is the installation document: CenterStageFixedFrameInstructions.pdf (Rev. 8/09, 1540k

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