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WELLFLOAT Classic Isolation Board


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I’ve always been sceptical regarding isolation products but seeing/hearing how these have improved my High End 2 channel system has completely changed my view, tighter bottom end and a definite smoother top end has convinced me instantly that these isolation products from WELLFLOAT are well worth a listen to.


WELLFLOAT Classic Isolation Boards

The original and best-selling Standard/Normal WELLFLOAT board. Offers a great balance between price and performance. It is easy to combine with any HiFi equipment thanks to the simple and universal design. It enhances the sound quality with its mechanism and performance.


Model or Series 4050 (TYPE 10F)
Supported Load Weight 0-300Kg
Dimensions W500 x D400 x H56(mm)
Material MDF



1. Friction on/under WELLFLOAT

In order to achieve the best sound quality with WELLFLOAT, it is highly recommended to fit WELLFLOAT , the device and the floor in a manner such that they work as much as possible as a united system. The diaphragm of a speaker vibrates mostly in a horizontal direction. If the WELLFLOAT board and the speaker are not working together, the physical position of the speaker will move. Additionally any unwanted vibration due to a gap between WELLFLOAT and speakers will cause loss of energy and the pendulum movement will not work perfectly, meaning it cannot achieve the best sound quality. The “L” series of WELLFLOAT board is recommended whenever available as it has special coating on its surface so it easily fits into almost any type of devices to firmly grip and minimise slippage, giving best performance. If you plan to use spikes, it is important to make sure that the spikes are firmly fixed to WELLFLOAT and don’t easily move.

2. Is it as effective in use with other devices such as amplifiers and players?

We are happily committed to the belief that WELLFLOAT is not only for loudspeakers. Many end users have reported that WELLFLOAT is effective for almost any type of HiFi device that uses with a motor mechanism such as turntables, CD players, Hard disk drives, and so on. WELLFLOAT is also effective for amplifier, DAC, cables, etc., which don’t have any motors at all. We believe that any device working with an electrical current has internal physical vibrations that are affecting each other.

3. Can WELLFLOAT be used upside down?

WELLFLOAT has a U-shaped spring inside specifically designed to convert the direction of vibration to the horizontal. This U-shaped spring is this direction taking into account gravity. If the mechanism is upside down, WELLFLOAT will not function properly. It is very important to make sure that WELLFLOAT is NOT upside down and keep the suggested directions. As long as the directions of up and down are correct, you can place WELLFLOAT in any directions in a horizontal way without any compromise of the performance. Please refer to the following diagram for more details on what’s happening inside our mechanism.



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